My research interests lie at the intersection of wildlife ecology, anthropogenically-driven environmental change, and conservation, especially in African savanna ecosystems. I am particularly interested in how megaherbivores like elephants, rhinos, and other large mammals, interact with and help shape the communities and landscapes that they inhabit. 

African savannas are home to some of the richest mammal diversity in the world, and many represent the last terrestrial ecosystems that harbor their full complement of large mammals. However, they also face serious threats in the face of rapidly expanding human populations, overexploitation, and fragmentation. I am interested in understanding how large mammals are coping with these changes through altering their behavior, movement, and diets with an eye toward improving conservation and management plans. 

As a PhD student in the Kartzinel Lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University, I'll be using a range of ecological tools to explore questions that arise from my research interests. These will range from behavioral observations in the field to using advances in DNA barcoding technologies in the lab. Stay tuned as these plans take shape.